About Us:

Your Instructor: Kathy Legault, Lead Trainer (certified)

Kathy lives and works in the Niagara Region, and current pets include three dogs and three cats. She has owned and loved dogs and cats for many years and especially loves working with rescued dogs. She loves to see the smile on people's faces when they walk away with a happy, trained dog! Too often she says dogs are not trained properly and run away becoming a shelter adoptee or worse.

Other Life Experiences

  • 8 years with St. John Ambulance and Therapy Dogs Volunteering with her Therapy Dogs
  • several years as Coordinator for St. John Therapy Dogs and as board Director
  • Provincial working team 2011
  • studied to be Provincial Evaluator, supervised all Therapy Dog Evaluations
  • Animal Behaviour Workshops
  • Certified in Pet First Aid
  • donates time/monies to various charitable organizations such as diabetes, cancer and various animal shelters/rescues
  • Kathy continues education through other learning workshops when new information presents itself. You are never too old to learn!

Clearly training dogs at an early age, Kathy's continued training has included many different breeds, sizes and behavior of dogs. Earning a Master training certificate while apprenticing for a year she has also learned K9 scent detection, K9 protection training.

As a dog owner/trainer Kathy adopted many rescued shelter dogs and understands that they have needs that are different from a dog that has had a normal life. Pepp K9 will offer $25 off of your dog's Novice class (with proof) to help that dog fit in with your family.

Helping each client with their dog is what it is all about (and the dog kisses)! Please don't live with dangerous or unwanted behaviours! We can help!

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You really can teach an old dog or help that young dog be a perfect, obedient companion! CALL OR EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION

Archie, Kathy's
Walker Coonhound
(RIP my handsome boy
December 2013)
Queenie (Kathy's other dog and Mari)
staying in sand at the beach
We welcome into our family
a new puppy Pax

Cindy Maitre

Cindy has been an animal lover and owner all of her life. She has raised Maltese so is very familiar with small breed dogs and owns two labs as well. Her home also includes a large pot-bellied pig (who thinks he is a dog). We cherish Cindy's help with Pepp K9 all these years!

Other Life Experiences

  • 8 year volunteer as Advanced Medical First Responder with St. John Ambulance
  • 15 years of Scouting experience in the community.
  • First Aid instructor for St. John Ambulance
  • Pet First Aid instructor for St. John Ambulance

Our Name Is Our Philosophy:

  • Persistence (don't give up, your dog is your student, not a mind reader)
  • Exercise (drains your dog's energy before training and keeps them happy)
  • Practice (practice every day ensures success)
  • Pride (you will have when your dog is trained and in sync with you)