(programs offer bonuses)

* Anyone who adopts a Shelter dog or from Rescue Group receives $25 off (proof required).

Puppy Classes:

Start them off on the Right Paws!
  • (3-4 months) We were the first ones in the Niagara Region to create these younger puppy classes after years of experience. We will continue to do so as we believe this is an important bonding/learning period with pet and owner.

Reliable Dog:

We can bring the results you want!
  • We will offer only one early summer group class/and one fall every year for dogs that would like to begin their obedience in a pleasant group setting. (Air conditioned space and outdoor training).

Stellar Dog - Offleash Program:

We have got
you covered!
  • This program is suited for dogs that are good on leash/and general obedience. We teach this in a safe environment and in a fun, friendly way. Have that trustworthy companion you have always dreamed of.
Registration forms are in PDF format. Please download, print, and return the selected class form with payment.
Cash only, payments and completed forms can be dropped at the following address
PEPP K-9 Training Services, 967 Helena St.(B) Fort Erie, ON L2A 4K2

Other Programs:

Focused Specialty Programs:

  • Will be taught with Head Instructor/Owner supervision in a safe private environment (any age-we have helped dogs 9 years old even). Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Behavioural Therapy:

  • General obedience and rehabilitation for dogs who are reactive (aggressive) to other dogs or humans. No need to hide any more or be ousted from other dog schools with your dog. (any age or breed) Custom designed to meet your needs.

Fearful Dogs:

  • Is your dog afraid of other dogs, pulls on leash or tries to hide? Fear of specific things? This program is for you then!

Deaf Or Blind Dogs:

  • We can help you achieve awesome communication skills with your dog while keeping them safe!

Other Services:

Teaching dog to walk with walker
  • Pet First aid classes:
    • We can help Owners who have a disability with simple tasks that they wish their dog to help them with.
    • Various seminars offered throughout the year (Pet First Aid, Relaxation therapies, other behavior seminars)
  • Pet Matching: thinking of getting a pet? Let me help you decide which pet would suit your family's lifestyle.

Visitation To Your Facility Or Charitable Event:

  • Willing to come to your school/group for dog Therapy or instructions for children on how to approach a dog, Demonstration of obedience, charitable events.

Contact us so we can learn about your
dog and how our programs can help