Group classes:

Novice Group Classes

Novice group training
The dogs meet Snow White
Teach your dog to heel nicely, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay regardless of the distractions!
Rocky the cat welcomes dogs!
(shhh, he thinks he is a dog)

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Your dog will learn socializing in a controlled setting with humans and dogs and classes will be fun for you and your dog with no pressure. We invite families to join in as well (after all your dog is part of your family). We will teach you using our humane, effective methods.

Intermediate Group Classes

Building on the foundations you have learned in Novice class you will begin to teach your dog more advanced techniques using long lines to execute the desired behavior. Introduce your dog to hand and foot signals and verbal commands. We will ensure your dog keeps his sit and down stays by distraction proofing it! Enjoy pack walks with us outdoors so your dog becomes comfortable around other dogs and stimuli.

Intermediate group training
Puppy down stay with the big dogs
Puppy sit stay with the big dogs

Is your dog afraid to go in public? Teach your dog confidence to be able to execute your obedience commands anywhere! Do not try off leash techniques without professional help. This dog is advanced.

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Think your dog couldn't do this? Follow our methods and practice and ANY dog breed or size can!

Outdoor training with distractions (puppies too)

Advanced Group Classes

To round out dogs training, introduce off leash training and further distraction proofing the methods you have learned in classes to date.

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Teach your dog other skills in class such as bringing a toy and outing on command. You can teach and practice these techniques anywhere! Come on command from anywhere, the first time!

Specialty Group Classes

General obedience and rehabilitation for dogs with who are reactive (aggressive) to other dogs or humans. No need to hide any more or be ousted from other dog schools with your dog. (any age or breed) Custom designed to meet your needs.

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